OLOR campaign reaches Ft. Hood soldier,
successfully refuses deployment to Afghanistan!


On April 1st, the Our Lives Our Rights campaign deployed veterans and active-duty soldiers to Fort Hood, TX, ahead of an impending deployment to Afghanistan with the message “You don’t have to go!”

OLOR organizers distributed thousands of leaflets on and off base, conducted high-profile visibility actions, and was covered in the local press.

As a result of this bold outreach campaign, one soldier at Fort Hood who is set to deploy to Afghanistan who was conflicted about his participation in the war saw that there was support and contacted Our Lives Our Rights.


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I stand in support of the mission and goals of Our Lives, Our Rights. U.S. service members have the absolute right to refuse to take part in the Pentagon’s and Wall Street’s illegal, immoral wars and intervention.

I pledge to join the community of U.S. troops, veterans, military families and supporters organizing together to reach-out to service members with the message about their rights, and support them in exercising those rights.

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